Below are just a few of the typical comments we receive every day from our members.

This is the most comprehensive resort rentals web site I have found anywhere. 10's of thousands of rentals available!
Mike & Sarah H.

Fantastic! Destinations in over 120 countries! We just can't decide where to go next!
Bill & Louise D. 

Resort rentals at motel prices! No, better than motel rates!
Alan & Cindy S.

I just love your fantastic customer service! You always return our calls promptly!
Carl & Susan R.

Full time reservations department for all other request and inquiries! Imagine that! A human on the other line and you don't even have to go through a long menu of options.
Ahmed & Lorraine T.

We just wanted to thank you for continually adding new features and benefits. The Condominiums International web site has evolved to be much more than what our original membership covered. Its not often that you buy one thing and then get more and more for your money later. Thank You!
Christian & Beth D.

Your sales staff was courteous and not high pressure like timeshare salesman! We sure are glad we didn't buy from them. Condominiums International gives us far more for a lot less.
Louie & Bell C.

The brand new owner referral page by request is great! We've been telling our friends about Condominiums International but we thought you had to go to Florida to buy a membership. Now they can get their membership here in Indiana and we get $100 towards our next vacation!
Arnold & Beth F.

Adding family members as authorized users is wonderful. You wouldn't believe the look on my mom's face when I told her she could use my membership too!
Brian & Chris K.

I never heard of a Timeshare trade in! Condominiums International got us out from under our timeshare and now we can choose from hundreds of others including the property we used to own!
Ramon & Shannon C.

I love that I can access areas around the world where my timeshare exchange wouldn't work. Nothing was ever available but now I have 100's of units to choose from.
Dick & Charlene U.

I've had both and Condominiums International is far superior to owning a timeshare, especially when you compare the cost.
Sean & Amy M.

1000's of choices with no maintenance fees, taxes, exchange fees and annual due. Thank goodness!
Joe & Dianne G. 

The Condominiums International web site is awesome and easy to use. Especially for people like us who know little about computers.
Frank & Mildred J.

Everyone should have this!
David & Wilma H.

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